How to Prepare For RRB JE Exam in 60 days

How to Prepare For RRB JE Exam: If you searching for RRB JE Preparation Strategy then you are in right place. I write this article for those candidate who’s burning desire to crack this exam. In this article I am sharing with you some RRB JE Preparation Tips to Crack RRB Junior Engineer Examination.

How to Prepare For RRB JE Exam

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Read full article very carefully if you are the candidate that I told above. Beside some preparation tips you will also get some study materials and best books information as a bonus.

For technical candidates as well as general candidates, 2018-2019 are the golden years because of Indian Railway’s recruitment. Indian railway fill huge vacancies step by step. RRB Junior Engineer vacancy released as CEN 3/2018 notification number.

This a good opportunity for all Diploma and Degree candidates. But this exam is highly competitive because lakhs of apply for this exam and maximum of them are highly prepared.

In this year, RRB JE exam is going to be conduct from 22th May 2019 according to official notification. But my suggest to you that set your mind for April. Exam will be conduct in two stages as Computer Based Test ( CBT 1 and CBT 2)

You have only 2 months to prepare. So it’s time to planning a right way and smart work ( not hard work) for good scoring. I am sure if you follow this tips which I discuss below, surely it will help you for good scoring.

To know How to Prepare for RRB JE Exam you have to know clearly the syllabus. Here is the short note of syllabus.

Syllabus for CBT 1

SubjectsNo. of QuestionsMarks for Each Section
Time in Minutes9090
General Intelligence and Reasoning2525
(CBSE up to10th)
General Science
(CBSE up to10th)
General Awareness and Current Affairs1515

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Syllabus for CBT 2

SubjectsMarks for Each Section
Time in Minutes120
Physics and Chemistry
(CBSE up to 10th)
Basics of Environment and Pollution Control10
Basics of Computers and Applications10
General Awareness15
Technical Ability100
Total 150

You see all the syllabus carefully ?? I think so. You know that 1st stage of CBT is of qualifying or screening round only and the merit list will be prepared by individual numbers of 2nd Stage of CBT.

Minimum percentage of marks for qualify in various categories : UR-40% , OBC-30% , SC-30% , ST-25% and PwBD- relaxed 2% .

Short listing candidates of CBT 1 Called for CBT 2 only.

After shortlisting for CBT 2 must follow any one book regarding your technical subject like GK Publication’s Mechanical , Electrical , Electronics , Civil book or Science and Information Technology book .

Now I discuss today’s topic How to Prepare for RRB JE Exam. My strategy is not so tough. Follow some easy and very useful steps which I describe below. Let’s Go.

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Tips For CBT 1 Prepare for RRB JE

Before starting this part, please remove some wrong thought from your mind. As You know that CBT 1 is of qualifier round and also you know its minimum qualifying numbers but I want to tell you one thing, please set your mind with minimum 55-60% marks.

This will be profitable for you in future. It makes you tension free.

You may follow any one combo pack practice set like Kiran Publication , Disha Publication , Arihant Publication , G K Publication etc.

Prepare for RRB JE GI and Reasoning

This is a most easy and scoring portion for you. That’s why, try to attend all the 25 questions with 100% accuracy.  If you attended  ALP and Group D exam then you are very well prepared already. But if not, don’t worry. Just follow below steps-


  • Start Practice with some easy topic and then move in to tough tpics.
  • Invest minimum 1-2 hours to practice GI and Reasoning.
  • Parctice minimum one practice set (minimum 40 questions) per day.
  • If you do so then after 60 days you will attend already (40×60 = 2400 ) numbers of questions. This is enough for you.
  • Marks all the problems and solve it.
  • Try to make a short note exercise book.
  • Some topics like Statements, Pai chart, Calendar, Clock Direction are most important portion regarding Railway reasoning. Practice this seriously.
  • Practice SSC Solve , SSC CHSL, SSC CGL, RRB JE and RRB SSE previous years 15 – 20 question sets.
  • Use minimum one reference books like Hand Book How To Crack, R.S. Agarwal , Arihant , Kiran Publication , Made Easy Publication , Disha Publication , McGraw Hill Publication.


  • Do not practices short trick without understanding.
  • Don’t ignore this part because this part help you to score easily.

Prepare for RRB JE Mathematics

This is the most important and time taken portion of all the syllabus of RRB JE. Now-a-days RRB asked complex type of questions from this section.

If you do not improve yourself in this section then you face more difficulty in examination. So do not take it lightly. Also this is a highly scoring portion. Don’t worry, Just follow below steps-


  • If you are a newcomer then learn it in depth and broadly.
  • Follow a descriptive type books like Arihant , R. S Agarwal , M. Tyra , Upkar Prakashan , Chanchal Ghose.
  • Firstly, divide it in two sections- easy and hard. Learn chapter wise.
  • Always start from easy portion and day by day enter into hard.
  • Morning is the best time for Math. But always it’s depend upon your comfort.
  •  Mock test in regular basis must. Practice more and more practice set.
  • Invest atleast 2.30 hours for mathematics regularly.
  • Make a note book in where note down all the formulas and important topics.
  • Practice minimum 30 math in a day.
  • Remember all the formula regularly.
  • Analyze your weaker area while practicing or taking mock test and effort on them to do stronger.
  • Understand all the process in depth.
  • Solve previous years question papers like Kiran Publication CGL Set , 40 Practice Set etc.


  • Practice Shortcut tricks may damage your exam. That’s why practice all in details.
  • Don’t break regularity. Regularity is the only way to success.
  • Mock test is not a neglected part mind it.

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Prepare for RRB JE General Science

General Science portion for RRB JE exam may little difficult for you if you are a newcomer . But don’t worry, railway clearly notify that General Science questions will be 10th standard. They will follow CBSE syllabus.

Means you have to follow NCERT books: Physics – class 8 , Class 9 and Class 10 , Chemistry – Class 8 , Class 9 and Class 10 , Biology – Class 8 , Class 9 and Class 10 .


  • Read all Physics, Biology and Chemistry from NCERT books from Class 8 to Class 10 firstly.
  • Understand all of theory clearly. Get your basics clear must.
  • Practice all the numerical problems specially from Basic Electricity, Work, Power and Energy, Newton’s Laws, Acceleration, Simple Machine chapter.
  • Write all the important points in a note book when reading.
  • Give mock test regularly and point out your weaker portion.
  • Must follow another hand books like Lucent’s General Science , Tarun Goyal etc for short note or another type information which is not given in NCERT books.
  • Invest minimum 4 hours regularly for this part. Maintain regularly.


  • Don’t break the regularity. This is very important for all portion and exam.
  • Don’t neglect to follow hand books which I mentioned above. It fertilize your General Science Knowledge.
  • Don’t forget to get mock test regularly.

Prepare for RRB JE General Awareness

This is the most less but not ignorable part of Preparation of RRB JE. If you have completed clearly all above parts then don’t headache for this part. You can little neglect this part.

But this part also help you for higher scoring. This point of view I think you must take it little seriously.


  • Invest regular 1 hour to cover up this part. This is enough for you.
  • Invest maximum time to read Current Affairs. Current Affairs must be 2018 and 2019 till one week before your exam date.
  • Follow any monthly hand book like Current Affairs.Com , Current Affairs InFocus, Achiever etc.
  • You can follow newspaper in your language regular basis and note down all the important incidents.
  • Give mock test regularly.
  • Chief Ministers , Governors, IPL, ISL, CEOs, Brand Ambassadors, Prizes, Games are most important part of this section.
  • Must follow any latest version of Hand Book like Lucent’s General Knowledge , Tarun Goyal etc for GK ( Geography, Culture, History, Freedom Struggle, Indian Polity, Constitution, Economy, Sports etc.) . This is enough for you in RRB JE examination.


  • Don’t take it so lightly.
  • Don’t forget to follow the Hand Book which is mentioned above.
  • Don’t waste your maximum time to prepare this section.
  • Don’t break the regularity.

You know about the competition of any exam now-a-days. But don’t think that this is not possible for you to get a job. Always be motivate positively. You can, you must be.

If you follow the above tips , I am 90% sure that you will be success. 10% depends upon your LUCK.

If you have any quire’s then comment please. Must share with your friends. 

Read How to Prepare for RRB JE Mechanical Exam after qualify CBT 1.




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