GK Questions For Class 6 | Quiz Play Online

GK Questions For Class 6 | Quiz Play Online:  If you are searching for best GK Questions For Class VI for your beloved child, then you are in right place.

Here you can find most important GK Questions regarding to class 6 children. When your child will completed their revision then you can play a Free Quiz according to the revision questions. So let’s go..

GK Questions For Class 6 | Quiz Play Online

✓ Who first says about existence of galaxies beyond Milky Way ?

Ans. Edwin Hubble in 1924.

✓ What is the shape of our Akash Ganga ?

Ans. It is spiral in shape.

✓ What is Nebula ?

Ans. This is a cloud of Hydrogen, Helium and Dust.

✓ What is the size of the sun ?

Ans. 109 times bigger than the earth.

✓ How much time takes the sunlight to reach earth ?

Ans. 8 minutes, 16.6 seconds.

✓ How many planet present in our Solar System ?

Ans. There are 8 planet . I.e. Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune.

✓ Which is called Red Planet ?

Ans. Mars.

✓ The earth rotate in which direction ?

Ans. West to East.

Gk Questions for class 6

✓ Highest place of Earth ?

Ans. Mount Everest (8,848 m)

✓ Distance between Earth and Sun ?

Ans. 10.7 cr km.

✓ Which is called Blue Planet ?

Ans. The Earth is called Blue Planet.

✓ Name of biggest Asteroid in our solar system ?


✓ Which is called Lord of the Heavens ?

Ans. Jupiter.

✓ What is the date of Autumnal Equinox ?

Ans. 23rd September.

✓ What is the name of Deepest point on land ?

Ans. Mariana Trench.

✓ What is the value of equator?

Ans. 0 degree.

✓ Who proved that The Earth moves around The Sun ?

Ans. Copernicus.

✓ Who discovered Gravity ?

Ans. Scientist Newton.

✓ Which layer nearest to earth’s surface ?

Ans. Troposphere.

✓ Which layer provides ideal conditions for flying large airplanes ?

Ans. Stratosphere.

✓ What is the name of biggest continent of this world ?

Ans. Asia.

✓ What is the name of larger hottest Desert in this world ?

Ans. Sahara desert.

✓ What is the name of longest ocean of the world ?

Ans. Neel river.

✓ Who is the first and the last muslim women ruler of Delhi ?

Ans. Sultana Raziya.

✓ Who is father of Humayun ?

Ans. Babar.

✓ Who is the first President of free India ?

Ans. Dr. Rajendra Prasad.

✓ Who is “Father of Indian Constitution” ?

Ans. Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar .

✓ The idea of preamble of our constitution was borrowed from the constitution of ?

Ans. United States of America (USA).

✓ How many fundamental rights has our constitution ?

Ans. 6.


Right To Equality

Right To Freedom

Right Against Exploitation

Right To Freedom Of Religion

Culture And Educational Right

Right To Constitutional Remedies

✓ Who is the executive head of India ?

Ans. President of India.

✓ Who is our present President ?

Ans. Shree Ramnath Kovind.

✓ Who is our present Vice President ?

Ans. Shree Venkaiya Naidu.

✓ Who is our present Prime Minister ?

Ans. Shree Narendra Damodardas Modi.

✓ Who is our Loksabha Speaker ?

Ans. Shree Om Birla.

✓ Who wrote our National Anthem ?

Ans. Rabindranath Tagore.

✓ The SI unit of Power ?

Ans. Watt.

✓ Who discovered Gravity ?

Ans. Newton.

✓ Who invented Steam Engine ?

Ans. James Watt.

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