DRDO Ceptam 9 Syllabus for Mechanical Engineering |PDF| Ceptam 9 CUT-OFF

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DRDO Ceptam 9 Syllabus for Mechanical EngineeringAgar aap Mechanical Engineering ki candidate hai aur Cetpam 09 exam ki CBT 1 diye hai aur apko ummid vi hai aap CBT 1 clear kar payenge to ye article sirf apke liye. Don’t Ignor this.

DRDO Ceptam 9 Syllabus for Mechanical Engineering

Ji ha, apko malum hai ke Drdo Ceptam 9 ki CBT 1, December 2018, 15 th- 18th ye 3 days organized huya tha. 

Ceptam 09 CBT 1 result 15 th February, 2019 me announced huya hai. Issilye apko avi se CBT 2 / Technical Part ki preparation suru kardena chahiye.

Agar aap newly government job ki preparation suru kiye hai aur first time Drdo Ceptam diye hai to aap avivi DRDO Ceptam 9 Syllabus for Mechanical Engineering ke ware clear idea nehi hoga , to ye artical apke liye bohot hi profitable ho sakta hai. 

But agar aap aap ek experiences candidate hai to DRDO Ceptam 9 Syllabus for Mechanical Engineering ke ware mai malum hoga, firvi apke liye vi ye artical profitable hai , quiki clearly syllabus discussion ke alava Ceptam 09 ke realeted aur vi bohot topic ke ware me discuss huya hai jo apko janna chahiye.

Aab aap soch rahe hai ke CUT-OFF keya hoga !! 🤔

Ji bilkul, aap ummid CBT 1 clear karne ka ummid to kiya ja sakata hai par CBT 1 me kitna number aye to ye ummid rakkha ja sakta hai ye vi janna jaruri hai. 

Iss article ko pura jarur pade, iss article me DRDO Ceptam 9 Syllabus for Mechanical Engineering ke sath DRDO Ceptam 9 CUT-OFF for all tred (expected) ke ware me discussion huya hai. 

Here is Short Headlines of Syllabus and Details Syllabus given bellow this table

Mechanical Engineering SyllabusBest Book 1Best Book 2Best Book 3
Hydraulic and Fluid MechanicsCheck NowCheck NowCheck Now
Hydraulic MachinesCheck NowCheck Now
Theory of MachinesCheck NowCheck NowCheck Now
Strength of MaterialsCheck NowCheck NowCheck Now
ThermodynamicsCheck NowCheck NowCheck Now
Internal Combustion EngineCheck NowCheck NowCheck Now
Refrigeration and Air ConditioningCheck NowCheck NowCheck Now
Engineering MechanicsCheck NowCheck NowCheck Now
Machine Design
Engineering MaterialsCheck NowCheck NowCheck Now
Workshop TechnologyCheck NowCheck NowCheck Now
Production EngineeringCheck NowCheck NowCheck Now
Boiler and EngineCheck NowCheck NowCheck Now
Compressor and Gas TurbineCheck NowCheck Now
Stem Nozzle
Automobiles EngineeringCheck NowCheck NowCheck Now
Industrial ManagementCheck NowCheck NowCheck Now

Some Best Objective Books For DRDO CETPAM STA ‘B’ Examination

Objective BookBest Book
Mechanical EngineeringCheck Now
Civil EngineeringCheck Now
Computer ScienceCheck Now
Electronics and Communication EngineeringCheck Now
Metallurgical EngineeringCheck Now
Store AssistantCheck Now
Chemistry & Physics (Hand Book) Latest Edition 2018-2019 Check Now
Electrical EngineeringCheck Now

Best Practice Set For DRDO Ceptam STA ‘B’ Examination

Previous Year's QuestionsBest Book
DRDOCheck Now
Check Now
Check Now
Practice Set For
Mechanical Engineering
Check Now
Civil Engineering Papers For Senior Technical Assistant With Solved Papers 2019Check Now

Details Syllabus Given Below-


Important Terms- Mass Density, Weight Density, Specific Volume, Specific Gravity.

Type of Fluid– Newtonian Fluid and Non-Newtonian Fluid and it’s all conditions, Ideal Fluid and Real Fluid.

Liquid Properties- Viscosity, Kinematic Viscosity, Compressibility, Isothermal Bulk Modulus, Adiabatic Bulk Modulus, Surface Tension, Capillarity.

Liquid’s Pressure, Pascal’s Law, Atmospheric Pressure, Gauge Pressure, Absolute Pressure, Pressure Inside-Bubble, Drop and Jet.

Measurement of Pressure- Simple Manometer, U-tube Manometer, Differential Manometer, Piezometer.

Tota Pressure and Centre of Pressure, Hydrostatic Force on Immersed Surface- Horizontal Immersed, Vertically Immersed, Inclined Immersed and Curved Immersed Surface. Depth of Center of Pressure.

Bouyancy and Floatation- Archimede’s Principle, Bouyancy, Bouyant Force, Centre of Bouyancy.

Principal of Flotation, Condition for equilibrium for Floating or Submerged Body, Metacentre and Metacentric Hight, Time Period of Oscillation.

Fluid Kinematics- Steady and Unsteady Flow, Uniform and Non-Uniform Flow, Laminar and Turbulent Flow, Streamline, Streakline, Compressible and Incompressible flow, Rotational and Irrotational flow, One, Two and Three Dimensional Flow, Continuity Equation, Cauchy Equation.

Fluid Dynamics and Flow Measurement- Euler’s Equation, Bernoulli’s Equation, Venturimeter, Orifice Meter, Pitot Tube, Rotameter, Hydrometer, Hygrometer, Hot Wire Anemometer, Hydraulic Coefficient (Cc, CV, Cd, Cr), Notch and Weirs.

Pipe and Channel, Loss of head due to Frictional in Pipe, HGL , TGL, Pipe in Series and Parallel, Compound Pipes, Syphon, Water Hammer, Chezy’s Equation, Critical Depth, Torrential and Tranquil flow.

Vortex and Viscous Flow, Newton’s Law of Viscosity, Viscous Resistance, Compressible flow, Mach number, Stagnation point, Flow Around Submerged Bodies, Darcy Equation Friction Factor.

Dimensionless Number- Mach’s Number, Euler’s Number, Weber’s Number, Froude’s Number and Reynold’s Number.


Impact of Jet, Hydraulic Turbine- Impulse and Reaction Turbine, Its efficiency, Draft Tube, Unit Speed, Discharged and Power, Cavitation, Pelton Turbine, Francise Turbine, Kaplan and Propeller Turbine, All Specific Speed.

Pump- Types, Centrifugal Pump, Its efficiency, NPSH, Specific Speed, Model Testing and Similarity of Pump, Reciprocating Pump, Air Vessel, Miscellaneous Hydraulic Machines.





Mechanisms and Machines- Types of Constrained Motion and it’s examples, Rigid and Resistance Body, Link, Kinematic Pair, Classification of Kinematic Pair, Types of Joints, Degree of Freedom, Kinematic Chain, Frame and Structure.

Simple Mechanism and Inversion- Four bar, Slider Crank, Double Slider Crank, Mechanical Advantages.

Simple Harmonic Motion, Instantaneous Centre, Coriolis Components of Acceleration, Pantograph, Steering Gear Mechanism, Universal Hook’s Joint, Friction (Pivot and Collar Bearing), Balancing, Vibration.

Cam and Follower- Types, Element, Movement, Terminology of Radial Cam, Belt Drive- Flat Belt drives and V-belt Drives.

Gear- Classification and all important points with examples, Terms Used in Gearing i.e. Pitch circle, Pressure angles etc, Types of Profile, Law of Gearing, Gear Trains and its types, Flywheel, Meyer’s expansion Valve.

Governors- Terms used in Governor, Types of Governors, Sensitiveness, Stability, Hunting, Isochronous Governor, Brack and Dynamometers.


Properties of Metals, Stress and Strain- Elasticity, Plasticity, Ductility, Brittleness, Malleability, Toughness, Hardness, Strength, Stress, Strain, Tensile, Compressive, Modulus of Elasticity, Modulus of Rigidity, Shear Stress and Strain, Stress-Strain Diagram of MS, Failure.

Thermal Stresses, Bulk Modulus, Bearing Stress, Principal Stresses and Strain, Hook’s Law, Poisson’s Ratio, Strain Energy or Resilience, Mohr’s Circle.

Beam- Types, Load Types, SFD, BMD, Deflection, Bending Equation, Flitched Beams, Share Stress in Shafts and Beams, Torsion of Shafts.

Spring- Types, Stiffness, Leaf and Closely Coiled Helical Spring, Sprins in Series and Parallel.

Riveted Joint- Types (Single, Double, Butt, Lap), Important Terms, Failure, Welded Joints, Thin and Thick Cylindrical and Spherical Shells.

Column and Struts, Rankine’s Formula, Neutral Axis, Dam, RCC Beam.


Thermodynamics System- Closed, Open and Isolated System, Properties ( Intensive and Extensive), Thermal Equilibrium.

Process (Reversible and Irreversible), Gibbs Phase Rule, Type of Thermometer, Triple Point, Temperature Measurement.

Thermodynamics Law- Zeroth Law, First Law, Second Law (Claussius Statement and Kelvin-Planck Statement), Degradation of Energy.

Law of Perfect Gases- Charles Law, Boyle’s Law, Gay-Lussac Law, General Gas Equation, Characteristics Equation of a Gas, Joule’s Law, Avogadro’s Law, Molar Gas Constant.

Specific Heat of Gas (both Cv and Cp), Relation between Cv, Cp and R.

Thermodynamics Process of Perfect Gases- Polytropic Process, Isentropic Process or Adiabatic Process, Isothermal Process or Constant Temperature Process, Hyperbolic Process, Isobaric Process or Constant Pressure Process, Isochoric Process or Constant Volume Process, Unresisted Expansion or Free Expansion Process, Throttling Process.

General Laws of Expansion and Compression, Entropy, Enthalpy, PMM1, PMM2.

Thermodynamics Cycles- Reversible and Irreversible, Carnot, Otto, Diesel, Dual Combustion Cycle, Gas Turbine, Calorific Value.

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Types, Two and Four Stroke, Operations in a Cycle, Advantage and Disadvantages of Two and Four Stroke, Briefly Discussion about Petrol Engine and Diesel Engine, Scavenging, Ignition System, Supercharging, Lubrication, Governing of IC Engine.

Carburettor, Spark Plug, Detonation, Octane and Cetane Number, IP, BP, Efficiency (ηm, ηo, ηi, ηb, ηair ) .


Conduction- In Solid, Liquid and Gas, Fourier’s Law, Thermal Conductivity, Thermal Resistance, Thermal Diffusivity, Heat Conduction through a Plane Wall, Composite Wall, Thick Cylinder, Sphere.

Convection- Newton’s law of Cooling, Overall Coefficient, Nusselt Number, Free Convection, Heat Exchanger.

Radiation- Properties, Emissivity, Absorptivity (α), Reflectivity (ρ), Transmittivity (τ), Kirchhoff Law, Stefan Boltzman’s Law, Wien’s Law, Grey Body.

COP, Reversed Carnot Cycle, Bell-Coleman Cycle, VCRS, VCC, VARS, Domestic Electrolux, Refrigerant, AC, Psychometric, Dalton’s Law.


Statics, Dynamics, Force, Resultant Force, System of Forces, Lami’s Theorem, Varignon’s Principle, Couple, CG, MI, Friction, Coefficient of Friction, Screw Jack, Lifting Machine, Frame, Speed, Velocity, Acceleration.

Newton’s Law of Motion, D-Alembert’s Principle, Projectile, Angular Displacement, Velocity and Acceleration, SHM, Pendulum, Centrifugal and Centripetal Force, Work, Power and Energy.


Ferrous Metals- Cast Iron, Wrought Iron, Steel and Alloy Steel (Composition, Carbon Percentage, Used).

Heat Treatment of Steel, Interchangeability (Nominal Size, Allowance etc), Limit, Fit, Fatigue and Endurance Limit, Pressure Vessel, Boiler Joint, Forms of Screw Threads, Cotter and Knuckle Joint, Keys and Coupling, Shaft Coupling, Lever, Power Screw, Worm Gear, Helical Gear.


Classification,  All Mechanical Properties of Material (Stiffness, Resilience etc), Details about Pig Iron, Cast Iron, Wrought Iron, Steel, Alloy Steel, Free Cutting Steel, Effect of Alloying Element in Steel.

Heat Treatment, Defect in Materials, Stainless Steel, Structure of Solid, Iron-Carbon Equilibrium Diagram, Non-Ferrous Metals and Its Alloy, Plastics.


Hot Working, Cold Working, Pattern Making- Types, Core Box, Foundry Equipment, Moulding and Core Making Gate and Risers, Casting Defects.

Welding- Types, Details about Electric Resistance Welding- Spot Welding, Seam Welding, Butt Welding etc, Arc Welding and its Process (Specially TIG, MIG, Submerged, Thermite Welding), Gas Welding and Its Process, Gas Flame.

Sheet Metal Work- Marking, Slitting, Notching, Punching, Piercing, Perforating, Blanking, Forming, Lanching, Drawing, Embossing, Planishing.

Die and Punch- Types, Compound Die, Combination Die and Progressive Die.

Bench Work and Fitting, Measuring Instruments and Gauges- Outside and Inside Micrometres, Depth Gauge, Vernier Caliper, Plug Gauge etc.


Mechanics of Metal Cutting, Mechining Methods, Types of Chip, Details about Cutting Tools (Specially Single Point Cutting Tool), Cutting Fluids, Tool Wear, Share Angle, Tool Life, Tool Materials.

Lathe- Specifications, Lathe Operations, Cutting Speed, Drilling- Operations, Details about Drilling Tools, Cutting Speed, Grinding- Specifications, Grinding Operations, Milling Machine- Types, Up Milling and Down Milling, Milling Operations, Indexing.

Jig and Fixtures, Broaching (Introduction, Operations), Boring, Reaming, Counter Boring, Counter Sinking.

Modern Machine Process- All details about USM, ECM, EDM, LBM, EBM.


All Important Terms in Air Compressor, Workdone of Single Stage Reciprocating Air Compressor (Without and With Clearance Volume), Efficiency, Rotary Air Compressor, Gas Turbine, Comparison Between Gas Turbine, Steam Turbine and IC Engine, Classification of Gas Turbine, Jet Propulsion.


Classification of Steam Boiler, Water Tube, Fire Tube, Examples, Cochran, Scotch, Lancashire, Locomotive, Babcock and Wilcox Boiler, Boiler Mounting, Boiler Accessories, Efficiency, Draught, Steam Engine.

Some Important Parts of Automobile Engineering and Industrial Management.

DRDO Ceptam 9 CUT-OFF :

CategoryExpected Cut-off
UR107 - 112
OBC100 - 105
SC90 - 96
ST79 - 86
PWD 63 - 70

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